Xtreme Fighting Organization 15

April 26, 2007

This past Saturday I finally had my first mixed martial arts fight. Fuck what a rush! Just being in the cage alone was awesome enough, let alone smashing some guys skull while in it. My adrenaline was through the roof.

So the bell rings, we touch gloves. I was expecting a little bit of a feeling out process, but this guy wasn’t apparently haha. From what I heard his background is mainly Karate, makes sense cause he came out with some super fast punches, no real power behind them, but enough to make my head bobble around in such a way that I couldn’t see shit lol. So instead of being a punching bag I shot in, hoisted his ass up and got a nice slam. Then dragged in over to the cage for some ground and pound. He keep a tight rubber guard so it was hard to make space. After I lifted him up and slammed him again I got the space I wanted, however wasn’t doing all that much damage.

Postured up as per the shouts from my cornerman Jeff Joslin, avoided some up kicks and landed a few nice bombs. Came back into his guard as he attempted a triangle. I looked for a nice “Rampage” slam but he got a hold of my leg so I only got a little drop. Slipped out of the triangle attempt and passed to side mount. Shortly after I took a nice crucifix pin, much like Hughes over Newton, and proceeded to land 25 unanswered shots to his face till the ref decided he had enough.

If only elbows were allowed on the ground, that woulda been insane! But ah well, I can’t complain with my TKO victory at 2:10 of the first round.

Much thanks to Jeff Joslin and Matt Ferraro for being in my corner. Also congrats Matt on your fight, you lost a tough decision but man was it a fucken war! Thanks to everybody at Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts and Cutting Edge Martial Arts. With special thanks to Bryan Edge, your training is insane and I love it!

Awesome stuff, I highly recommend cage fighting to everyone, it’s quite the time. Looking forward to fighting again.


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