Xtreme Fighting Organization 17

June 4, 2007

XFO 17 was the setting for my second amateur Mixed Martial Arts fight.

Going into the event, I was schedualed to fight another amateur with a 1-0 record. After sweating my balls off in a sauna suit while chilling in a sauna, I made weight at 145.9lbs on Friday night. Only one week earlier I was weighing 164lbs.

Upon weighing in, the promoter told me of a last minute opponent switch. I would now be fighting a guy that has had a few pro fights, but both the promoter and matchmaker felt I wouldn’t have any problems with him. Later, after some internet research, I found this guy has a pro record of 1-8 and an amateur record of 2-9… Once the laughter subsided, I got back to my eating. By fight time the next day I was back up to a mean 160.

The ring announcer calls out my name, and “Party Like A Rockstar” by the Shop Boyz starts playing. I get to the cage, have a little trouble getting my sweaty rashguard and long sleeve T-shirt off and require the assistance of my brother lol, but after that I’m good haha.

The bell rings, he sticks out his hand to touch gloves. After bouncing around for a sec, I throw a high kick, just barely missing his head. The crowd “ooooooooooos” for the kick, to which if had landed most certainly would have killed him. I flick out a little inside kick, then he comes in for a takedown. A pretty shitty takedown if I say so. I put him on his back and land in his half guard.

After ripping a few bodyshots I slip into the full mount. He’s being a nuisance and holding me tight. So I lift him off the canvas, and bonzi smash his head down hard. The crowd loves it. So I give them another, this one even better. I get my forearm in his face and make some space, sit up and start drop’n bombs. After just a few he turns to his stomach and covers his head. I smash the sides of his head with some big hooks, toss in a couple upper cuts under his armpits and crack his chin. His hand starts tapping the mat, I land a few more big shots before the Ref steps in to stop it.

The end comes at about 1 min and 30 sec of the first round. As I have my hand raised, he lay on his hands and knees, still holding his head. The promoter and matchmaker come up to me later and tell me I cost them $2500 for the deductible from sending him to the hospital… Then the 3 of us have a good laugh together haha.


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