Evolution Fighting Championships 4

July 3, 2007

I’ll start off by saying that leading into this fight I had several injuries… lol just kidding, I can’t make excuses haha. I lost fair and square.

Here’s the details!

First off, the making of the weight went superb! I weighed in at 144.8lbs, easy as shit cutting this time. However I learned a very valuable lesson on the importance of post-wiegh-in nutrition. I pounded back everything I could get my hands on (pedialyte, meal replacements, milk, pop), and then ended up at a country buffet shortly after…

After sitting on the can for well over an hour, I knew that I’d never be doing that one ever again. It wasn’t until after the fight that I realized I had only ended up rehydrating a total of 3 gatorades. Lessoned learned.

Now for the fight. I felt so very confident going in, and rightfully so. My skill level is leaps and bounds above each of the other fighters in the tournament.

My fight was against Ryan Farhart. A 9-2 record fighting out of the famous Miletich fighting systems camp. The bell rang, we came at each other. I launched a head kick that threw him to the side. He charged in for a takedown.

I felt like I was wrestling a child. I lifted him and placed him against the cage as easily as if I were fluffing a pillow. After smashing his midsection with some vicious knees and punches, and landing a nice foot stomp or two; I got stupid.

Instead of doing what I do best; slamming him and ground and pounding his ass into submission; I got it in my head that I wanted to stand and bang. That wouldn’t have been all that bad, however! I had double underhooks, thus when making space I broke the #1 rule, and left my chin unprotected.

He pulled a hook out of his ass, and it connected with my jaw. Next came a flash knockout. I stepped back, slipped and fell. The Ref came in and stopped it. Upon viewing the footage, he jumped into mount, missed a right hand and I had the body-lock on tight right away. A slightly premature stoppage I think, however being an amateur fight, I can see the reason for earlier than normal stoppages, and think the Ref did the right thing.

For those that don’t know. A flash knockout is when you see the guy drop but be perfectly awake and ready to fight the instant he hits the ground. Unfortunatly that doesn’t matter, he knocked me out fair and square, and the Ref was justified in his call.

The Ref, Doctor, and Promoter all talked to me after saying how I was in total control, absolutely dominating him, and he just got lucky. But it wasn’t all luck, that shot wasn’t just thrown outa his ass haha, he placed that fucker perfectly.

He ended up winning the tournament with a dominating decision victory in the next fight. If it wasn’t for my own mistake I would have won the tournament for sure.

Out of this experience has come much good. No fighter is truly undefeated, all the greats have been knocked out. With this knockout comes less fear, there’s no more fear about getting hit; if it’s going to happen, it will happen. The motivation that has be born from that outcome is something I have never had before. I have always wanted to be a fighter, but not like I do now. I have never had the passion for it that I have now.

These are the times that either make us, or break us… This most definately has made me.

I’ll be back bigger, stronger, faster, tougher, and 10 times the fighter I was that night. I feel sorry for the next person I face in that cage.


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