Pro Debut at XFO 19 Outdoor War

August 14, 2007

This past weekend I partook in my first Professional fight. Taking place in the 3rd annual Outdoor War at Sideouts Bar and Grill (island Lake, IL). The 9+ hour drive was draining to say the least, but we made it in one piece (we even had to do without the XBOX 360 because of a lack of outlets on the power supply… how we managed I’ll never know).

Making weight was as fun as always. The weigh-ins this time were at noon. So when we arrived Thursday night, it was straight to the sauna. Dropping down to the low 150’s by the end of the evening.

Next morning, we were off to the sauna again, sprinting past the free buffet breakfast at our hotel (quickly snatching some shit for later). Knowing that my scale has been heavy the last few weigh-ins, I got down to 147.

Stepping on the scale at the venue I made a perfect 145.8lbs. Felt great to taste that Gatorade hit my tongue, oh damn. Next morning I was back up to a decent 162lbs.

Fight time came, got the privilege of cornering my teammate Matt Ferraro earlier in the day to victory. Matt won his fight via Rear Naked Choke in the first, shortly after the first minute mark.

A little bit of a wait, just long enough for me to watch a documentary on Sharks back at the hotel, and I was ready to fight. 10th fight of the night card. Fighting against Darius Turcinskas, a fighter out of “the Giant Killer” Keith Hackney’s club.

I entered the ring, and listened to the Ref’s warning about hw the night moisture has made the mats slippery.

He starts out by flicking some punches at me, we move closer to the cage and he backs off for a second. While there being a noticeable distance between us, I wipe out on the wet mats and take a knee on the ground. While down I apparently got kicked/kneed in the head. I didn’t realize it until the Ref’s warning of kicks to the head of a downed opponent.

We start again. No idea how I got in, but I got a single leg. As I switched off to a double he pulled for a guillotine. We landed in a kind of half-butterfly half-guard. I immediately stuffed his inside leg, and worked my way into side control. Once there I dropped some shots to the head, and some knees to the body.

He slipped him back into his guard, so I used it to my advantage by putting him against the cage in front of my corner. At some point he went for an ankle lock, not too worried I sat up and took his back, flattened him out and sunk in the rear naked.

I was so focused on the back of his head I hadn’t even noticed that he went to sleep. I was squeezing so hard and felt no reaction, so I just assumed I didn’t have it. I let go and rifled off a couple punches to the head. The punches woke his ass back up, causes him to raise his head. When that head came up I shot my arm under his chin and sunk the choke back in, making him tapo out at 3:40-ish of the first round.

Later I got my picture with his coach… That’s how I roll. lol

Big props to all the other fighters there that night. Especially Matty and the boys from Tompkins. Basso, well done with keeping to the Rear Naked Canada theme. Andy, you did great, one hell of a tough guy you fought; now let’s make up for it at the next show.

Thanks a ton to Rory and Steve for coming and cornering, and also for forcing me to drink so fucken much I nearly died hahaha. Good fucken times, can’t wait to do it again!!! 😀

Also want to give 100% credit for everything I am as a fighter to my coache Bryan Edge of Cutting Edge Martial Arts. Best training around!

Lastly I want to thank Ricky and Fight Planet ( Thanks for giving me some slick shorts to look stylin for my fight.

P.S. Check it out on sherdog! s/articles.asp?n_id=8601


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