Xtreme Fighting Organization 20

November 15, 2007

Once again making the great 9 hour drive to the windy city!

Accompanied by my good training partner Steve, the drive wasn’t too bad at all though. We made it there in pretty decent time actually.

Once there, it was right off to the sauna…

One week earlier the scale read 171 lbs. Now, the night before weigh-ins, it only reached 153. After a slow night had passed, it was time to sweat off the last of the weight. Taking my time, I slowly dropped the weight. Stepping onto the scale at weigh-ins at 145 lbs on the nose, “Let the Gatorade chugging commence!”

Making sure to replenish my body properly, by fight time I was back up to a healthy 168, and after working out a little sweat with my cornerman and teammate Rory, I was ready to make someone hurt.

Back in the locker room my opponent came up to me and as a sign of good sportsmanship we agreed upon touching gloves at the begining of the fight.

The bell rang, we touched gloves, and we circled. We quickly exchanged a couple kicks. I caught one and drove him towards the cage. After some jossling for position we drop to the ground and I immediatly begin to work for the submission. Without much hesitation I secure a triangle choke. Trying to break free he hoists me into the air and looks for the slam. It certainly sounded pretty damn sweet haha, but I wasn’t worried, I wasn’t letting go of this choke.

Letting go of his head and arm briefly to drop a hammer fist, I get nailed with a big hammer fist from him. Popped up a nice little mouse under my eye and enlightened me as to why nobody ever hits much when they have a triangle choke locked in. I quickly went back working towards finishing the choke. Driving my fist into his neck to cut off that blood supply just a bit quicker, I got the tap. Finishing the fight at 2:22 of the first round.

This time I kept the post-fight celebrations to an absolute minimum haha. No need to almost die of alcohol poisioning twice in one year I say lol.

Thanks so much to Steve and Rory coming down to the fight and helping me out. I’d also like to thank Bryan and all the guys at Cutting Edge (www.cuttingedgemartialart sandfitness.com) for getting me ready for the fight, as well as all my new friends at Kombat Arts Training Academy (www.kombatarts.com) for all the wicked help you supplied me also.

Next fight’s coming on November 30th on some Canadian soil! The Ultimate Cage Wars (www.ultimatecagewars.com) at the Winnipeg Convention Centre.


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