MMA Digest Interview

May 19, 2008

“5 Questions: Canadian Lightweight Simon Marini”

How’d you get into MMA?

I first got interested in MMA when I walked past an old UFC video at the rental place. I think it was Ultimate Ultimate 2. Watched it like 5 times over that weekend and fell in love. At that point I was still a short fat kid (laughs). but I started working on that immediately! (laughing)

You’ve fought 5 times in about 8 months, do you prefer staying quite active?

I just love fighting. I actually turned down 3 other fights I could’ve had because my coach wanted to see me get more training in between fights. Now that I’ve gotten a bit more experience I’m aiming to fight every couple of months; that way I can get a few weeks of training on everything and anything I may need to work on, plus a solid training camp for my next opponent, and still get in 6 fights a year.

How have you developed as a fighter during that 8 month period?

I can’t believe the difference from 8 months ago. I would love to fight myself back then, I would just tool myself. (laughs). Most of the changes that have come haven’t been from fighting either, it’s all from my training. The fights have given me plenty of experience, but that more came in the way of perfecting my weight cutting by trial and error, getting out nerves by learning better ways to relax, getting my post-weigh-in diet down to a science, things like that.

What were your thoughts on your last fight? (triangle choke win 2 weeks ago)

I thought it went great. I really wanted the knockout, much like any fighter I suppose. And I was so close as well, if was the first time I really got to stand and trade in a fight. Eventually instinct took over and when the opportunity for a takedown came I took it without thinking and went for the submission right away. It was my first pro fight at 155, and I couldn’t have been happier with my performance.

What are some of your goals in the sport?

I want to become the most feared fighter ever to step into a cage, ring, anything. I want people to pick to fight Anderson Silva over me, that kind of scary. Becoming a legend would be phenomenal.


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