Pre-UCW 12 Article by Jaguar Media

June 8, 2008

Article featured on myself by Christina Sears of Jaguar Media.

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By: Christina Sears

The Winnipeg Convention Centre will be on fire June 27 as the UCW presents their next event “Heat Wave”.

The main event will be in the 155 pound division with Simon Marini and UFC vet Alberto Crane.

Crane is a well known Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter who has finished seven of his eight wins by submission. His only losses being against Kurt Pellegrino and Roger Huerta in the UFC. Crane hasn’t fought since his last bout in January of 2008.

Simon Marini of Dundas Ontario has only been fighting professionally since August of 2007. He is the man who will be fighting Alberto Crane in the main event. He holds a professional mixed martial arts record of 4-1 inside the cage, finishing three of his four wins by submission.

At twenty-two years old this fight at UCW 12 will be his first time being in the main event.

“Really, I don’t think of myself as a big-time main event fighter. Totally pumped that I am though, I’m treating it like any other fight,” he says.

When Marini isn’t working as a personal trainer at Phoenix Fitness in Dundas, he’s training at Cutting Edge Martial Arts with his coach Bryan Edge. There Marini works on his jiu jitsu, wrestling, boxing, and MMA.

“I don’t think I could ever find a better coach than I have there in Bryan Edge,” Marini says.

But mixed martial arts have progressed so much over a short period of time. Knowing your stuff just isn’t enough to win a fight. Strength and conditioning is a huge part of being a professional fighter.

In between training sessions at Cutting Edge, Simon is doing his strength and conditioning with Adam Morden at Steel City Crossfit.

“The things they put me through there are worse (both physically and mentally) than anything I would come up against in a fight. The training is so brutal, and I love it,” he says.

Bryan Edge, owner of Cutting Edge MMA says that when he first heard that Simon had a chance to fight Alberto Crane he wanted him to jump at this fight.

“It’s a great test for him; I think he will do very well. I believe they (the UCW) matched Alberto with Simon because they want to see where Simon’s skills are and see if he really is as good as he has showed in previous events” says Edge.

Marini does admit that he’s never fought someone with such a high level of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu before, but has been working a lot on his submission defense and top control.

“Alberto is going to have to rip his arm off or choke his ass out if he’s going to win. Simon is going to be tough to catch,” says Edge.

The odds are stacked against this young fighter from Dundas but his coach Bryan Edge feels that win or lose he sees Simon getting a title shot in the UCW, or in some other event and he will keep fighting tough opponents like Alberto Crane. Edge says this is a good fight for Simon because no one will expect him to win.

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