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International Fight League veteran Krzysztof Soszynski will meet Marcus Hicks in the featured bout at Ultimate Cage Wars 11 “Hell in the Cage” on Friday, April 11 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Soszynski (14-8-1) has won back-to-back fights by disqualification. Based out of Team Quest, he holds victories against former TKO champion Icho Larenas and UFC veteran Dan Christison. Hicks (8-9) has won three of his last four fights, and only one of his 17 career bouts has been left to the judges.

UCW 11 “Hell in the Cage”
Friday, April 11
Winnipeg Convention Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Marcus Hicks
Simon Marini vs. Lindsey Hawks
Joey Ayotte vs. Missy Parks
Rory McDonell vs. Kevin Manderson
Ryan Bawn vs. Cory Grant
Matt Dayboll vs. Adam Dowds
Justin Knox vs. Dino Camire
Sam Pascuzzi vs. Isaias Alvarado

New Sponsorship Deals

March 24, 2008

I am happy to announce that I will be representing a few new sponsors.

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New sponsorship inquires are always welcome!

Ultimate Cage Wars XI

March 24, 2008

I will be stepping into the cage next against Lindsey Hawkes of the Winnipeg Martial Arts Academy.

The fight will be going down on April 11th at Ultimate Cage Wars XI at the Winnipeg Convention center.

Tickets can be purchased on Ticket Master.


We’re Up and Run’n!

March 22, 2008

sample image

Holy sweet mother of god! Who woulda thunk it? Simon “The Canadian Legend” Marini has finally made it onto the world famous internet.

This site will be host to all the news and updates regarding my fighting, coaching/teaching, and personal training careers. In addition I’ll try to keep things interesting, giving you guys a reason to keep coming back and checking things out. Don’t forget to get onto that ‘Facebook’ thing everybody’s talking about and join my group Simon Marini – MMA Fighter. Thanks for all your help, encouragement, and support.

There is no better way to die, than to die in the midst of a battle, fighting to the very end……like a man.
– Enson Inoue

Keeping up with the times, I’ll be blog’n it up; trying to maintain a rabid dog like blog-pace, so stay tuned!

You keep put’n out the love, I’ll keep put’n out the hurt!

Once again making the great 9 hour drive to the windy city!

Accompanied by my good training partner Steve, the drive wasn’t too bad at all though. We made it there in pretty decent time actually.

Once there, it was right off to the sauna…

One week earlier the scale read 171 lbs. Now, the night before weigh-ins, it only reached 153. After a slow night had passed, it was time to sweat off the last of the weight. Taking my time, I slowly dropped the weight. Stepping onto the scale at weigh-ins at 145 lbs on the nose, “Let the Gatorade chugging commence!”

Making sure to replenish my body properly, by fight time I was back up to a healthy 168, and after working out a little sweat with my cornerman and teammate Rory, I was ready to make someone hurt.

Back in the locker room my opponent came up to me and as a sign of good sportsmanship we agreed upon touching gloves at the begining of the fight.

The bell rang, we touched gloves, and we circled. We quickly exchanged a couple kicks. I caught one and drove him towards the cage. After some jossling for position we drop to the ground and I immediatly begin to work for the submission. Without much hesitation I secure a triangle choke. Trying to break free he hoists me into the air and looks for the slam. It certainly sounded pretty damn sweet haha, but I wasn’t worried, I wasn’t letting go of this choke.

Letting go of his head and arm briefly to drop a hammer fist, I get nailed with a big hammer fist from him. Popped up a nice little mouse under my eye and enlightened me as to why nobody ever hits much when they have a triangle choke locked in. I quickly went back working towards finishing the choke. Driving my fist into his neck to cut off that blood supply just a bit quicker, I got the tap. Finishing the fight at 2:22 of the first round.

This time I kept the post-fight celebrations to an absolute minimum haha. No need to almost die of alcohol poisioning twice in one year I say lol.

Thanks so much to Steve and Rory coming down to the fight and helping me out. I’d also like to thank Bryan and all the guys at Cutting Edge (www.cuttingedgemartialart sandfitness.com) for getting me ready for the fight, as well as all my new friends at Kombat Arts Training Academy (www.kombatarts.com) for all the wicked help you supplied me also.

Next fight’s coming on November 30th on some Canadian soil! The Ultimate Cage Wars (www.ultimatecagewars.com) at the Winnipeg Convention Centre.

This past weekend I partook in my first Professional fight. Taking place in the 3rd annual Outdoor War at Sideouts Bar and Grill (island Lake, IL). The 9+ hour drive was draining to say the least, but we made it in one piece (we even had to do without the XBOX 360 because of a lack of outlets on the power supply… how we managed I’ll never know).

Making weight was as fun as always. The weigh-ins this time were at noon. So when we arrived Thursday night, it was straight to the sauna. Dropping down to the low 150’s by the end of the evening.

Next morning, we were off to the sauna again, sprinting past the free buffet breakfast at our hotel (quickly snatching some shit for later). Knowing that my scale has been heavy the last few weigh-ins, I got down to 147.

Stepping on the scale at the venue I made a perfect 145.8lbs. Felt great to taste that Gatorade hit my tongue, oh damn. Next morning I was back up to a decent 162lbs.

Fight time came, got the privilege of cornering my teammate Matt Ferraro earlier in the day to victory. Matt won his fight via Rear Naked Choke in the first, shortly after the first minute mark.

A little bit of a wait, just long enough for me to watch a documentary on Sharks back at the hotel, and I was ready to fight. 10th fight of the night card. Fighting against Darius Turcinskas, a fighter out of “the Giant Killer” Keith Hackney’s club.

I entered the ring, and listened to the Ref’s warning about hw the night moisture has made the mats slippery.

He starts out by flicking some punches at me, we move closer to the cage and he backs off for a second. While there being a noticeable distance between us, I wipe out on the wet mats and take a knee on the ground. While down I apparently got kicked/kneed in the head. I didn’t realize it until the Ref’s warning of kicks to the head of a downed opponent.

We start again. No idea how I got in, but I got a single leg. As I switched off to a double he pulled for a guillotine. We landed in a kind of half-butterfly half-guard. I immediately stuffed his inside leg, and worked my way into side control. Once there I dropped some shots to the head, and some knees to the body.

He slipped him back into his guard, so I used it to my advantage by putting him against the cage in front of my corner. At some point he went for an ankle lock, not too worried I sat up and took his back, flattened him out and sunk in the rear naked.

I was so focused on the back of his head I hadn’t even noticed that he went to sleep. I was squeezing so hard and felt no reaction, so I just assumed I didn’t have it. I let go and rifled off a couple punches to the head. The punches woke his ass back up, causes him to raise his head. When that head came up I shot my arm under his chin and sunk the choke back in, making him tapo out at 3:40-ish of the first round.

Later I got my picture with his coach… That’s how I roll. lol

Big props to all the other fighters there that night. Especially Matty and the boys from Tompkins. Basso, well done with keeping to the Rear Naked Canada theme. Andy, you did great, one hell of a tough guy you fought; now let’s make up for it at the next show.

Thanks a ton to Rory and Steve for coming and cornering, and also for forcing me to drink so fucken much I nearly died hahaha. Good fucken times, can’t wait to do it again!!! 😀

Also want to give 100% credit for everything I am as a fighter to my coache Bryan Edge of Cutting Edge Martial Arts. Best training around!

Lastly I want to thank Ricky and Fight Planet (www.FIGHTPLANET.ca). Thanks for giving me some slick shorts to look stylin for my fight.

P.S. Check it out on sherdog!

http://www.sherdog.com/new s/articles.asp?n_id=8601

Thanks to the awesomeness that is Shawn Tompkins, my training partner Matt Ferraro and I have been mentioned in a Sherdog article.

Now anybody that’s not a big fan of MMA would not only not find this to be a pretty kickass thing, but also have no idea what Sherdog is haha. So check out the link, then kill some more time checking out the rest of the site, it’s good stuff!

http://www.sherdog.com/new s/articles.asp?n_id=8366

And here’s the Snipit of just Shawn’s interview:

Shawn Tompkins (Pictures) speaks

Shawn Tompkins (Pictures) may just be the busiest man in mixed martial arts, but that didn’t stop the acclaimed trainer from London, Ontario, from taking time out of his schedule to let Sherdog.com in on the goings-on of his tight knit group of fighters.

Right now he’s finishing up the LA Anacondas training camp at Extreme Couture in Las Vegas, where the his IFL team is preparing for the semi-finals in a weeks time.

Tompkins said that he’s found a replacement for Chris Horodecki (Pictures), who is out due to a broken hand he suffered in his bout with Shad Lierley (Pictures). It will be Adam DiSabato from Ohio. DiSabato attended Ohio State University where he is enshrined in the OSU wrestling hall of fame. He is also a very accomplished amateur boxer.

Another injury to his team will force Jay Hieron (Pictures) to sit out with either a rib separation or a fracture, and Tompkins is especially proud that Chris Clements (Pictures) from his own Team Tompkins in London will be stepping in to fill the void.

“Chris was the last fighter to be cut from the upcoming welterweight season of The Ultimate Fighter television show, and he was a little disappointed about that,” said Tompkins.

As was reported last week, David Loiseau (Pictures) and Steve Claveau (Pictures) are starting up their own Quebec-based MMA show called the XR Challenge.

“I’m so excited that they’re starting up an organization,” said Tompkins, “because I know the two of them very well and I respect the two of them very much, and Team Tompkins will definitely be a part of their shows.

“I’ve known those two guys for years and I trust them immensely because I know they’re in it for the sport and the fighters themselves.”

Shawn said that he has a handful of guys who he has in mind for that show, including Aaron Tregear (Pictures), James Haourt (Pictures), Andy Ross and Aaron Basso. He also has a list of maybe four or five others that are ready to make their first appearances.

Speaking of Ross and Basso, first the pair will be making the trek south with Team Joslin members Matt Ferraro and Simon Marini to Island Lake, Illinois to participate in XFO 19 on Aug. 11. This event will be part of the third annual “Outdoor War” at Sideouts Bar and Grill and promises to be a raucous time.

As for the two Tompkins mainstays Sam Stout (Pictures) and Mark Hominick (Pictures), Stout is busy in training to get ready for his TKO lightweight title defense against Martin Grandmont (Pictures) at TKO 30 on Sep. 28.

Mark Hominick (Pictures) will be traveling to Tokyo, Japan, where he will be competing in Shoot Boxing on July 28, and is just waiting for the call on who he’s going to fight in the WEC.

Perhaps Tompkins most high-profile charge, multiple-PRIDE FC title holder Dan Henderson (Pictures) is going strong in his preparation to meet Quinton Jackson (Pictures) at UFC 75 in London, England, and as far as Tompkins is aware, at stake will be Jackson’s UFC belt only, not Henderson’s.

Another wrestler turned MMA-er, Kevin Randleman (Pictures) is also spending some time with Tompkins lately, presumably getting ready for whatever he has next. Tompkins said that he is currently doing two-a-days and is a pleasure to train.

The last time MM-Eh! caught up with Shawn was just prior to Kimbo Slice’s MMA debut against Ray Mercer. So how did Tompkins feel Kimbo did in his victory?

“Oh man, unbelievable!” he said.

“If you watch that fight, everything he did was exactly what we trained for him to do. That to me is a testament to how good of a student he is, and how good he’ll be in the future.”

Tompkins added that Kimbo has signed with him and Bas Rutten (Pictures) and they are now his main trainers, and he is a few weeks away from preparing for his bout with Tank Abbott.

As with any busy person, sometimes they need to prioritize, and that’s exactly what Tompkins has done. Although still the head striking coach of Team Quest Temecula, right now he’s at Extreme Couture’s in Vegas where he is finishing up camp for the LA Anaconda’s and that’s where he’s going to make his base for the rest of the year.

To finish our conversation, Shawn told the incredible story of George Abdallah. George is a 16-year old kid from London, Ontario who Shawn has been training for three years, and this lucky kid is spending his summer vacation in with Tompkins in Vegas.

“This kid is probably one of the best Thai boxers I’ve ever trained, and his MMA is going to be amazing — he’s definitely going to be the next Chris Horodecki (Pictures),” preached the proud coach.

Strong words of endorsement from the man who helped Horodecki become the undefeated sensation he is today.

“He was in Hollywood with me last week at Freddie Roach’s gym with pro boxers like Manny Pacquiao and Oscar de la Hoya, and for the rest of the month he’ll be in Las Vegas where he’s already been on the floor with Tyson Griffin (Pictures), Mike Pyle (Pictures), and Forrest Griffin (Pictures) — guys like that.

“Wouldn’t that have been great when you were sixteen?” Tompkins taunted?

Yes, indeed it would have been.

I’ll start off by saying that leading into this fight I had several injuries… lol just kidding, I can’t make excuses haha. I lost fair and square.

Here’s the details!

First off, the making of the weight went superb! I weighed in at 144.8lbs, easy as shit cutting this time. However I learned a very valuable lesson on the importance of post-wiegh-in nutrition. I pounded back everything I could get my hands on (pedialyte, meal replacements, milk, pop), and then ended up at a country buffet shortly after…

After sitting on the can for well over an hour, I knew that I’d never be doing that one ever again. It wasn’t until after the fight that I realized I had only ended up rehydrating a total of 3 gatorades. Lessoned learned.

Now for the fight. I felt so very confident going in, and rightfully so. My skill level is leaps and bounds above each of the other fighters in the tournament.

My fight was against Ryan Farhart. A 9-2 record fighting out of the famous Miletich fighting systems camp. The bell rang, we came at each other. I launched a head kick that threw him to the side. He charged in for a takedown.

I felt like I was wrestling a child. I lifted him and placed him against the cage as easily as if I were fluffing a pillow. After smashing his midsection with some vicious knees and punches, and landing a nice foot stomp or two; I got stupid.

Instead of doing what I do best; slamming him and ground and pounding his ass into submission; I got it in my head that I wanted to stand and bang. That wouldn’t have been all that bad, however! I had double underhooks, thus when making space I broke the #1 rule, and left my chin unprotected.

He pulled a hook out of his ass, and it connected with my jaw. Next came a flash knockout. I stepped back, slipped and fell. The Ref came in and stopped it. Upon viewing the footage, he jumped into mount, missed a right hand and I had the body-lock on tight right away. A slightly premature stoppage I think, however being an amateur fight, I can see the reason for earlier than normal stoppages, and think the Ref did the right thing.

For those that don’t know. A flash knockout is when you see the guy drop but be perfectly awake and ready to fight the instant he hits the ground. Unfortunatly that doesn’t matter, he knocked me out fair and square, and the Ref was justified in his call.

The Ref, Doctor, and Promoter all talked to me after saying how I was in total control, absolutely dominating him, and he just got lucky. But it wasn’t all luck, that shot wasn’t just thrown outa his ass haha, he placed that fucker perfectly.

He ended up winning the tournament with a dominating decision victory in the next fight. If it wasn’t for my own mistake I would have won the tournament for sure.

Out of this experience has come much good. No fighter is truly undefeated, all the greats have been knocked out. With this knockout comes less fear, there’s no more fear about getting hit; if it’s going to happen, it will happen. The motivation that has be born from that outcome is something I have never had before. I have always wanted to be a fighter, but not like I do now. I have never had the passion for it that I have now.

These are the times that either make us, or break us… This most definately has made me.

I’ll be back bigger, stronger, faster, tougher, and 10 times the fighter I was that night. I feel sorry for the next person I face in that cage.

XFO 17 was the setting for my second amateur Mixed Martial Arts fight.

Going into the event, I was schedualed to fight another amateur with a 1-0 record. After sweating my balls off in a sauna suit while chilling in a sauna, I made weight at 145.9lbs on Friday night. Only one week earlier I was weighing 164lbs.

Upon weighing in, the promoter told me of a last minute opponent switch. I would now be fighting a guy that has had a few pro fights, but both the promoter and matchmaker felt I wouldn’t have any problems with him. Later, after some internet research, I found this guy has a pro record of 1-8 and an amateur record of 2-9… Once the laughter subsided, I got back to my eating. By fight time the next day I was back up to a mean 160.

The ring announcer calls out my name, and “Party Like A Rockstar” by the Shop Boyz starts playing. I get to the cage, have a little trouble getting my sweaty rashguard and long sleeve T-shirt off and require the assistance of my brother lol, but after that I’m good haha.

The bell rings, he sticks out his hand to touch gloves. After bouncing around for a sec, I throw a high kick, just barely missing his head. The crowd “ooooooooooos” for the kick, to which if had landed most certainly would have killed him. I flick out a little inside kick, then he comes in for a takedown. A pretty shitty takedown if I say so. I put him on his back and land in his half guard.

After ripping a few bodyshots I slip into the full mount. He’s being a nuisance and holding me tight. So I lift him off the canvas, and bonzi smash his head down hard. The crowd loves it. So I give them another, this one even better. I get my forearm in his face and make some space, sit up and start drop’n bombs. After just a few he turns to his stomach and covers his head. I smash the sides of his head with some big hooks, toss in a couple upper cuts under his armpits and crack his chin. His hand starts tapping the mat, I land a few more big shots before the Ref steps in to stop it.

The end comes at about 1 min and 30 sec of the first round. As I have my hand raised, he lay on his hands and knees, still holding his head. The promoter and matchmaker come up to me later and tell me I cost them $2500 for the deductible from sending him to the hospital… Then the 3 of us have a good laugh together haha.